Thanksgiving is this week, and gratitude has been on my mind a lot. My mother-in-law was amazing at sending thank you notes. Honestly, it seemed as if she pre-wrote them at Christmas time and just filled in the necessary blanks so she could mail them on her way home from Christmas dinner! If she were still here (and oh, how I wish she were), she might be appalled at my lack of outwardly expressed thanks for all of the amazing prayers, blessings, meals, encouragement and more that were sent my family’s way this year. There are far too many to mention individually, but I want to share some of the reasons for my extra-grateful heart this Thanksgiving.

For every physician, surgeon, nurse, tech, hospital staff, office staff, pharmacist, etc. who participated in my care in any way this year, I am grateful.

For every meal that was organized and brought, and for every gift card that was sent our way, I am grateful.

For every person that cared for our lawn, sent a gift of encouragement, helped us with car repairs and more, I am grateful.

For every person that helped us keep our resource center and store going and helped us move and reopen it, I am grateful.

For every word of encouragement given through cards, texts, phone calls and in person, I am grateful.

For every prayer lifted and intercession made for relief, clarity, healing, miracles and more, I am beyond grateful.

For every friend who sat patiently with me as I struggled physically, mentally and spiritually, I am so grateful.

For those who took loving care of our little boys, sometimes at the drop of a hat and sometimes for many hours at a time, I am grateful.

For every person who came alongside Les, Sarah, Grant and Taryn with encouragement, prayers, and loving care, I am so very grateful.

For the people who walked through the darkest days with us, and held us up during difficult decisions, confusion and overwhelming fears, I am grateful beyond words.

For every other thing that doesn’t come to mind or that I, perhaps, never even knew about, I am grateful.

For my wonderful husband who continues to live out the vows we made to each other 32 years ago and who has been by my side through it all, I am grateful, honored and blessed.

For a God who sees and hears our needs and desires and gives what He knows best in good times and in hard times, I am eternally grateful.

Almost every day I learn of something else that someone did or said or prayed and I am overwhelmed. I continue to be in awe of everything that God has done this year and that He continues to do. Words fail to convey the depth of my gratitude, but I pray that it shows in my life.

What are you grateful for this year? Please let me know in a comment or through social media!

One response to “Thankful”

  1. I am thankful for my dearest friend of 42 yrs, who had the courage to overcome her fears and let the Lord work in and through her this year! Love you!


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