The Unfolding

In November of 2022, my husband Les and I got to sit down with Meredith Foster from WBGL Christian radio to record an episode of “The Unfolding” – an on-going podcast with more than 150 episodes to date. (That’s Meredith with me in the photo above.) New editions of the show, usually released weekly, tell the stories of faith in action, God’s miracles and His leading as well as experiences of struggles and victories in Christian walks.

The entire experience was so good – from the prayer that went into it beforehand, to the recording process which was done in the prayer room of an area church, to the editing process that was covered in prayer by many, to the airing of the podcast in late January of this year. It was an honor and a privilege to share our story of the miraculous things God has done and continues to do in our lives, just as it is to share them through this blog.

The responses we have received since the podcast aired have been amazing! We have received encouragement from friends and strangers, surprise from some who weren’t aware of my decades-long battle with anxiety and agoraphobia, and brave and inspiring stories from others who have fought or are fighting similar battles.

During some of my worst times with agoraphobia, one of the things I longed for was to find someone who was dealing with the same issues. Actually, finding someone who had overcome agoraphobia was what I really wanted – someone who knew what I was going through and who could give encouragement that there was hope for me. Since starting this blog and the airing of the podcast, I have finally met some of you – some who have overcome and some who are fighting the good fight. Even now it is such a relief to know that we’re not alone!

I’ve heard from people who have (or had) severe anxiety, agoraphobia, monophobia, post traumatic stress, head injury, mental illness and more. We have a lot in common, not only in that we have suffered in ways that some can’t imagine and that we ourselves may not be able to understand, but also in that God is in our stories. Whether you were just diagnosed or you have been battling for years or you have overcome, God is walking through it with you and He will never leave you. I hope you take courage in that! Even when you feel alone, a common feeling when dealing with any sort of anxiety disorder, you are not alone.

Maybe your battle isn’t with anxiety, but you are struggling with loneliness, an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy where you’ve considered abortion, an unsettling medical diagnosis or treatment, or anything that feels out of your control.

Perhaps you have a spouse or other family member or friend that is dealing with any of these things. You are not alone and there is hope! Les chimes in:

Loving someone with any sort of anxiety disorder or other struggle can be a struggle as well, with lots of trying to balance: when to push, when to just love and support, when to encourage and when to challenge. The dilemmas and the challenges of trying to discern what your loved one needs and what God wants you to do are stressful, but know that you are not alone either. There are people who understand and while we may not have the answers you need, we do have empathy. Like Christine, I’m always willing to lift your situation up in prayer, lend you support and walk with you. Feel free to reach out to me at

If you haven’t yet listened to “The Unfolding” podcast, page 150, I invite you to hear our story there. You can find it here. (You may have to scroll down to find this particular episode).

I also invite you to share your story with me. Comment here or email me at I would love to hear from you and to pray for you and encourage you!

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